Let’s talk blackout: the word refers to multiple meanings (more than fifty, according to Wikipedia). The relation of the word blackout to the image (above) is obvious. Nonetheless, I’d like to talk about a different kind of blackout. A communications blackout… my communications blackout to be more precise. It’s been an astounding six (!) months since I wrote anything on this website… Starting today, that’s gonna change.

So why did I use the image above? Exactly four years ago, I lived in New York City (you guessed it, the arrow points to where I used to live). Of course, it’s a beautiful photo which I really, really wanted to share. But there’s an interesting analogy to share also. Starting today, the power in this part of Manhattan is back on. The same could be said of this blog… The power is back on.

Good to be back!

Photo credit: New York Magazine