Since yesterday this website has a new look. Based on data of Google Analytics I realized no-one really likes the (old) first page of my website (unless you’re a new visitor thus seeing it for the first time). I guess it makes more sense to turn the blog into homepage. Doing so, I wanted to start fresh, resulting in this new look.

Because I had to ‘re-do’ my portfolio (which is already completed by now), I came across many of my old renderings. Many of these renderings aren’t used in my portfolio. Above, you’ll see the rendering of the Bethel auditorium. Seating 3000 people. I used this rendering in my portfolio. Below are three renderings of the same auditorium. Each from a different position in the auditorium. These are not included in my portfolio. Nonetheless, I would like to share them with you.

[box type=”note”]This is not the design used in the most recent developments of mega church Bethel. These renderings represent a conceptual design which dates back to 2008.[/box]