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View from One World Trade Center - Benjamin Feenstra - New York City

Stunning view from the World Trade Center

Yeah, I’m biased, but I think New York City is the most beautiful city in the world. A few days ago, this feeling was reinforced after checking out the Daily Mail. This British newspaper published a “mind-blowing picture” (see above)which they snapped from the observation deck of One World Trade Center. Isn’t it incredible?

Too close to call?

For some reason, every self respecting journalist believes the race between Obama and Romney is very close or maybe even too close to call. But is this really the case?

Some national polls predict Obama will be the winner, some say Romney has the upper hand. And all major news outlets claim these national polls really matter… But it doesn’t take long for the very same news outlets to change their mind and state that national polls don’t matter at all. Why not? Well, obviously it’s all about the twelve swing states, or were there only nine? No wait, there’re just five. How could I be wrong about that!

This means there’s only one fact left… it’s all about Ohio.


Nope, that’s not the case either. It turns out Obama has a solid 5% lead in this state.

Most people know it’s virtually impossible for Mitt Romney to get to the needed 270 electoral votes without Ohio. This means… wait for it… I can now officially project Barack Obama to win the 2012 elections and continue to be president of the United States.

Blackout New York City November 2012


Let’s talk blackout: the word refers to multiple meanings (more than fifty, according to Wikipedia). The relation of the word blackout to the image (above) is obvious. Nonetheless, I’d like to talk about a different kind of blackout. A communications blackout… my communications blackout to be more precise. It’s been an astounding six (!) months since I wrote anything on this website… Starting today, that’s gonna change.

So why did I use the image above? Exactly four years ago, I lived in New York City (you guessed it, the arrow points to where I used to live). Of course, it’s a beautiful photo which I really, really wanted to share. But there’s an interesting analogy to share also. Starting today, the power in this part of Manhattan is back on. The same could be said of this blog… The power is back on.

Good to be back!

Photo credit: New York Magazine

new years eve at times square new york city

Happy New Year!

It’s cold and you can’t see a thing. Nonetheless, a million people visit Times Square on the last day of December. And this year was no exception. They see the famous New Year’s Eve Ball descend from the flagpole atop One Times Square. In 2008 I was there too. It was great. I did see the famous ball and the fireworks. But it was a long and cold wait…

Anyway, Happy New Year!

christmas tree at rockefeller center new york city

Merry Christmas!

If you want to know why New York City is like magic during the Holidays, just look at the photo above. It’s the famous Rockefeller Christmas Tree (the photo is from 2008).

Merry Christmas to you all!