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News Studio 1

News Studio @ Square 2011

During the past four days I was part of a seven-member news crew of the (not really existing) Drachten News. We reported for and from the youth-event Square 2011 which had an attendance of over 600 people.

Who’s ‘we’?! We’re two camera operators, an editor, a reporter and two news anchors. I was camera operator and part of the ENG crew. We made a total of four news shows of about 6-7 minutes each.

During the next weeks I’ll probably write a little more on what I did, saw and experienced. For now, I just want to share some pictures of the News Studio. From this studio, the two anchors presented the news and it’s where the editing took place.

News anchors waiting (picture above and below)

Camera Week

Last week was what I called camera week. Four days in a row I was director or cameraman. At the moment I took these photos (see gallery), I had three cameras, a boompole (a microphone attached to a pole) and two tripods at home.


I Don’t Like the Spotlight

Last week, I came across this article. It’s about ‘the secrets of success in life’. According to this article, if you want to have success in life, you should get out of our comfort zone. I don’t know if it’s true, but this week I did get out of my comfort zone… Big time!

I had to give a presentation about a design I made for mega church Bethel (in Dutch: Vrije Baptistengemeente Bethel, Drachten). During the past, I gave many presentations, but none of them had an attendance of 400 people. And none of them were filmed by five cameras. This one did. Oh, there was an official photographer also.

As the title of this post suggests, I don’t like the spotlight. At least, that’s what I thought. This is one of the reasons I’m director. I enjoy being backstage. But as (soon to be) architect, it’s important to be on stage. To give presentations. To be, sort of, a public figure.

Anyway, since I was quite nervous for this presentation, I decided to go for a bike ride during the entire afternoon. This cleared my mind and allowed me to prepare my lines. Which, I believe, went well. That evening, the moment I stepped on stage… after I did my first line… and second line… I started to really enjoy being on stage. I saw the audience was engaged. Overall, time flew by and the presentation went great! Maybe I do like the spotlight after all…

Below are some video stills (from the video recording).

Moment of truth… first seconds on stage…

…I’m still a little nervous…

… and more relaxed already…

… I even had a couch to sit back and relax…

… I gave a live virtual tour of the new design…

… And time’s up… Questions? Anyone?…

…Body language during the Q&A…

…More body language.

Benjamin as director

Being a director

Several years ago I became director at nearby mega church Bethel. As director I am responsible for supervising a camera crew of five people. I also have to maintain close contact with the producer, floor manager, multimedia and lighting-people during the rehearsal and service. During a service I’m in the control room backstage.

5 camera’s

We use five camera’s during a regular service. Recently we bought new Grass Valley camera’s.