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Benjamin as director

Being a director

Several years ago I became director at nearby mega church Bethel. As director I am responsible for supervising a camera crew of five people. I also have to maintain close contact with the producer, floor manager, multimedia and lighting-people during the rehearsal and service. During a service I’m in the control room backstage.

5 camera’s

We use five camera’s during a regular service. Recently we bought new Grass Valley camera’s.

Inside Pixar Animation Studios

Everyone knows Pixar. The company, started by George Lucas, bought by Steve Jobs and inspired to greatness by John Lasseter has had many animated hits. Like Toy Story, Finding Nemo and The Incredibles.

Recently I got interested in their creative culture. My interest grew while reading the book ‘A Pixar Touch’, by David Price. Since I’m interested in architecture, I wanted to find out if their unique creative culture is reflected by their headquarters in Emeryville, California. Not surprisingly the answer is yes.

Credits: The Pixar Blog