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Global Leadership Summit

Not so long ago, I was director at the 2011 Global Leadership Summit at Bethel Congress Center. I had the luck of having a professional photographer in my team. These pictures are the result.

Thanks Folkert!

mega church bethel 0


Since yesterday this website has a new look. Based on data of Google Analytics I realized no-one really likes the (old) first page of my website (unless you’re a new visitor thus seeing it for the first time). I guess it makes more sense to turn the blog into homepage. Doing so, I wanted to start fresh, resulting in this new look.

Because I had to ‘re-do’ my portfolio (which is already completed by now), I came across many of my old renderings. Many of these renderings aren’t used in my portfolio. Above, you’ll see the rendering of the Bethel auditorium. Seating 3000 people. I used this rendering in my portfolio. Below are three renderings of the same auditorium. Each from a different position in the auditorium. These are not included in my portfolio. Nonetheless, I would like to share them with you.

This is not the design used in the most recent developments of mega church Bethel. These renderings represent a conceptual design which dates back to 2008.

Benjamin as director


This is a video still of yesterday’s broadcast at Bethel Drachten. And yes, the arrow points to me. Sitting in the control room.

News Studio 1

News Studio @ Square 2011

During the past four days I was part of a seven-member news crew of the (not really existing) Drachten News. We reported for and from the youth-event Square 2011 which had an attendance of over 600 people.

Who’s ‘we’?! We’re two camera operators, an editor, a reporter and two news anchors. I was camera operator and part of the ENG crew. We made a total of four news shows of about 6-7 minutes each.

During the next weeks I’ll probably write a little more on what I did, saw and experienced. For now, I just want to share some pictures of the News Studio. From this studio, the two anchors presented the news and it’s where the editing took place.

News anchors waiting (picture above and below)