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I was director, but without the superb quality, focus and dedication of my assistant and four camera operators, the broadcast wouldn’t be as great as the videoclip (above) shows. This is what I call teamwork-as-it-should-be.

6 hours, 6th place

A while ago me and my brother participated in a ProRail competition. Since we didn’t have much time but really wanted to compete, we decided to come up with something as quick as possible. We spend a total of six hours on this project. Weeks later, it turned out these six hours put us in sixth place (out of 75 participants).

We designed a heated seat which is shaped like a cube (yep, that’s why we named it HotCube). During winter time, this heated seat will be installed at train stations. Passengers use these HotCubes to warm themselves while waiting for a train.

The cubes will be LED-lighted. Using sensors, a popular HotCube will be lighted more intensely compared to a not so popular one. This results in many different colors and color intensities, which looks fun. Also, it offers ProRail data on where HotCubes are most needed. After all, when a HotCube isn’t intensely colored, it’s not very popular thus should be moved to another area of the train station.

On a side note, if six hours results in a sixth place… what would’ve happened if we spend just five hours on the project? Or four…?

Global Leadership Summit

Not so long ago, I was director at the 2011 Global Leadership Summit at Bethel Congress Center. I had the luck of having a professional photographer in my team. These pictures are the result.

Thanks Folkert!

mega church bethel 0


Since yesterday this website has a new look. Based on data of Google Analytics I realized no-one really likes the (old) first page of my website (unless you’re a new visitor thus seeing it for the first time). I guess it makes more sense to turn the blog into homepage. Doing so, I wanted to start fresh, resulting in this new look.

Because I had to ‘re-do’ my portfolio (which is already completed by now), I came across many of my old renderings. Many of these renderings aren’t used in my portfolio. Above, you’ll see the rendering of the Bethel auditorium. Seating 3000 people. I used this rendering in my portfolio. Below are three renderings of the same auditorium. Each from a different position in the auditorium. These are not included in my portfolio. Nonetheless, I would like to share them with you.

This is not the design used in the most recent developments of mega church Bethel. These renderings represent a conceptual design which dates back to 2008.

Honorable mention eVolo Skyscraper Competition!

Last year a friend and I decided to participate in the 2011 eVolo Skyscraper Competition. The organizers of this international competition seek to discover young talent, whose ideas will change the way we understand architecture and its relationship with the natural and built environments.

We started brainstorming in September (2010). Last January the concept evolved in the actual design, The On Demand Experience. We worked against the clock in order to finish the design on time. And with a great result! Out of 715 entries, our entry was awarded an Honorable Mention!

Visit The On Demand Experience @ Porfolio / eVolo

So what’s the On Demand Experience?!

The starting points of our design are innovations like the smartphone, laptop or tablet computer and social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Overall, the way people communicate, work and move has changed. But with this rapidly changing lifestyle and ever demanding environment, it is surprising to find that houses stayed pretty much the same. We believe, in order to get the most out of current technological developments, the direct living environment should change too.

The concept behind the ‘On Demand Experience’ is simple. Instead of going to different places, the facilities come to you. Simply request the desired space with your computer and the request will be processed by the warehouse connected to your building. Your space will arrive as an equipped ‘box’ that plugs into your apartment. Several boxes can dock in a single apartment at the same time and everything is available on demand. So whether the desire is to play golf, work out or have a lunch meeting, just let the warehouse know!

The ultimate mixed-use building

In our view, the On Demand Experience is the ultimate mixed-use building where apartments blend with different functions and services.

We presented the concept using a comic book. Three characters, Jeff, Truman and Sylvia, guide the reader through the On Demand Experience.